"The mind is a dangerous place. Never go there alone."


What I do.

Help others see what's possible so they can create the lives they want to live.

That could be...

• starting a business

• prioritizing/organizing better

• managing time/energy better

• getting out of your own way

• getting clear on what you truly want

• identifying the stories you're telling yourself

• doing scary things

• improving relationships

• making more money

• living a happier/healthier life

• building better habits and breaking bad ones


Are we a good fit?

According to my mom, I'm perfect in every way.
(But not for every person.)

1. You're down to take action.

You agree with the statement: If I want something to change, I have to change. You focus on the things you can control and worry less about the things you can't.

2. You want to explore.

This one might sound cheesy. But it means you're down to challenge your own way of thinking and doing. It also means you're willing to let me challenge you. Not to a duel, I promise (unless you play chess).

3. You understand that investing in yourself is one of the most powerful things a person can do.

Every top-tier performer has a coach. You'd be shocked to find an athlete, violinist, or speaker without one.

Why should life or business be any different?

4. You like to have fun.

You take your work seriously, but you don't take yourself seriously.


You want to create an incredible life for yourself...and you'd like to do it with a smile and a laugh. 😊

5. You know what you want.

(What you really really want.) You don't have all the answers, but you have a direction you'd like to move toward.

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