Say hi!

I typically respond within 24 hours, unless I'm traveling or I had too much wine the night before.

Email me with all of your burning desires and tell me more about your project.

We'll be best friends if you include:

Your project: What do you have in the works? Do you need content, copyediting, copywriting, emails, someone to discuss your existential fears with, all of the above?

Your timeline: This is vital. I avoid putting too many things on my plate at once so I can give each project the love and care it deserves. When do you want this? Tomorrow? This month? This quarter? Last year?

Your budget: I know, it sucks to talk about money. But I want to make sure I'm not wasting your time. My projects start at $500. If I'm not in your budget, I'd rather you spend your time finding someone who is a perfect fit for what you need.

How did you find me: A friend? LinkedIn? In sharpie on a bathroom stall?

Can't wait to chat with you. 😎

PS–If you have questions about my process or pricing, I answer common questions on my FAQ page.