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The answers to all your burning questions.

1. What's the difference between coaching and therapy?

There are thousands of different coaches and therapists with varying styles and focuses.

But in general, therapy tends to uncover the past. Coaching aims to create change for a better future. 

They each have their own place. I advocate for both.

2. What does your process look like?

While it varies from person to person, here's what you can expect in general:

  1. We connect. We'll break the ice and get to know each other a bit. I'll drink wine from my coffee mug and try to get you to like me.

  2. I coach you. As a gift. You need to see what coaching is like and I need to see if I can help you.

  3. We go deep. If it's a good fit, we'll do a few sessions. You'll take action and we'll take over the world.

  4. I pop the question. If we both enjoy our sessions and you get a ton of value of out them (and if you don't block me on all social media), I'll ask you: "Would you like to talk about what it would look like if we continued working together?"

  5. If you say Yes, we set up a call and have that conversation. If you say No, I cry myself to sleep.

3. Who do you coach?

In short, I coach anyone who wants to create something better for themselves—be it a more balanced life, a business, or stronger relationships.

Past clients include: startup founders, standup comedians, politicians, musicians, software engineers, physical therapists, designers, 9-5ers, teachers, sales directors, yoga instructors, financial advisors, actors, athletes, and coaches.

4. What do you charge?

My pricing is entirely dependent on who I'm coaching, what they want to create, and what work is needed to get there.

I might charge you $0...because we might not work together. I don't even know if we're a good fit yet. We'd have to do a few sessions first to see.

5. Why should I hire you as my coach?

I don't know, maybe you shouldn't.

Again, we'll have to do a few sessions together to see if we're a good fit first.

If the question is about my qualifications, they are:

• I'm a certified Master Insight Coach
(under John Strasser—Master Insight Coach and founder of the ICC).

• I have 1200+ coaching hours.

• I was hired as a team leader by the Insight Coaching Community (ICC), leading group calls and training other coaches.

• I'm really, really cool. 😎

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