The answers to all your burning questions.

1. Who do you work with?

Founders, B2B startups, and B2C businesses with an audience.

I also partner with developers, designers, and content strategists for one-time or ongoing projects.

2. What does your process look like?

While it varies project to project, here's what you can expect in general:

  1. Initial call. We'll break the ice and chat about timing, budget, and what you're looking for. I'll drink wine from my coffee mug and try to get you to like me.

  2. If our chemistry is good, I'll send you an estimate with all the juicy details. Cost, timeline, my responsibilities, your responsibilities.

  3. Values Call. This takes around 30 minutes to an hour, and it's for me to learn more about your business, brand, bottom-lines, preferences, and values.

  4. Research. This is where I do my thing: talking to customers, learning from competitors, and diving into your niche as a whole.

  5. I'll keep you up to date on my process. No 'big reveals.' Nothing behind the curtain.

  6. First draft done. I'll send you the first iteration of what we've discussed––in a format that's easy to review and comment on.

  7. With your feedback, I'll revise it and conduct several rounds of proofreading.

  8. When we're both happy with the deliverable(s), I'll either hand it over to you or add it to the site, depending on our arrangement.

  9. More feedback! If we have more work planned, we'll chat about the experience so far: what worked for you, what didn't work as much. We'll discuss how we can make the next phase even more enjoyable. I will never leave you with something you're unhappy with.

3. Will I be able to contact you during the project? How will we communicate?

Yes, I will always be available to you during this process via email.


During our Values Call, we’ll agree on regular times to check-in voice-to-voice, be it daily, weekly, monthly, or another interval of your choice.


Communication is one of my highest priorities, so I’m always open to increasing or adjusting the frequency of our check-ins. My goal is to leave zero room for misunderstandings to make sure we're on the same page.

You can expect me to respond to your concerns and inquiries within 24 hours during the working day.

4. How do I know you'll have time for my project?

I do my best work when I can devote myself to a healthy number of projects. 

I don't overbook myself. If I don't feel completely comfortable taking on your project, I'll let you know up front, and do my best to connect you with someone else who might be able to help you.

5. What are your prices?

My pricing is either delivery-based or on retainer.

  • Delivery: You purchase a specific item. For example, a landing page. I'll provide a fixed price based on effort, time, and value. This type of contract is best suited for defined, short-term work.

  • Retainer: You purchase either a set amount of my time or recurring deliverables. For example, 15 hours per month or four blog posts per week. I have a two-month minimum for all retainers. This option is best suited for long-term projects or ongoing work.

I provide multiple pricing tiers. That way, you can choose an approach that best meets your needs and budget. Please reach out to me directly for more information on pricing.

Note: I dedicate a lot of time to researching your industry and brand. For that reason, my project minimum is $500.

6. What is a "client" to you?

When I say you're a client, I mean we're partners in a collaborative relationship. We have a shared goal, and we're both bringing our strengths to the table. I listen to you; you listen to me.

I'm not an employee; you're not my boss. We're both responsible for the project's success. We both practice empathy, respect, trust and clear communication.

Trust me: when it works, it works. Collaborating with founders and managers who understand this has led to some of the most exciting and meaningful work I've ever done.