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10 Saturday morning tips

1) Whether you’re working on a project or watching Netflix, leave your phone in the other room and on airplane mode. Do what you’re doing and enjoy it.

2) It’s much better to say, “I can’t believe I did…” instead of “I always thought about doing…” Just do whatever that thing is. Worst case: you have a great story or experience to share.

3) It may feel cool to reject exercise and fitness. But what’s really cool is being able to do something athletic and not be out of breath.

4) Train yourself to meet people where they are, not where you want them to be. We have absolutely zero control over whether or not someone changes. We have total control over how kind and compassionate we are to them.

5) Make amends. Even if you were never at fault, apologizing and getting closure is so much better for the soul than living with resentment.

6) Never judge another person’s music taste. We like what we like and if it makes us feel something, that’s enough.

7) A conversation can easily be made more vibrant by asking Why or How questions.

8) Ask someone, “What would you love to be working on right now?” They almost always have an answer and you learn about their aspirations.

9) Write more. Even if it’s once a month. Writing makes you a better speaker and thinker.

10) If you haven’t ‘failed’ several times in the last six months, then you’re not challenging yourself enough. Do more difficult things, fail at them, and learn.


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