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2 Big Things

Since I started getting my shit together, the two most powerful shifts in mindset which have allowed me to live a happy and healthy life are:

1) I am not a victim. We all go through shit and that shit varies in size and duration. It makes no sense to compare my shit to someone else’s shit. None of us control our genes or environments we are raised in. If we consistently ask why things are happening to us, we relinquish control and let life toss us around. ”Life is happening for us; not to us.”

2) Learning is growing; not fixed. In the past, if I was bad at something, or if it didn’t come naturally to me, I would say “Oh, I’m just not that person.” I’m not a math guy. I’m an idiot when it comes to business. I’m dumb because I didn’t do well on this test…This is a fixed mindset, and we teach it to kids at an early age. We tell them they are ‘smart’ because they aced a test instead of praising how hard they worked to get that grade. The growth mindset argues that if we simply put in enough time and effort: not only will we improve, but we will get way more satisfaction out of our accomplishments because we learn to love the process of working for things.


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