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3 Money Rules

Here are 3 of the most important facts about finance which have impacted me the most (each of which I never learned in school):

  1. The amount of money you have (or don’t have) is a direct reflection on the amount of perceived value you have provided (or have not provided). You can either wish that people viewed you as more valuable, or you can improve your skills or create a system in which you genuinely do bring more value to more people.

  2. If something was originally $1,000, and is now on sale for $250, you did not save $750; you spent $250.

  3. People don’t become wealthy by avoiding lattes and Chipotle. “If you took all the money you spent on Chipotle in the past year and invested it, in 40 years you’d have $144,750…” Who the fuck has ever done that? No one. The absolute best way to acquire wealth is not to save $25 a week, but to increase your income without increasing your time spent working.


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