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I got to interview Derek Sivers for my book this week.

He’s one of my favorite authors and TED-Talkers. He showed me that creating a business isn’t this some scary thing.

As expected, his long email of answers was crisp and delightful to read. At first, I was bummed to not get on a video call with him. But I quickly realized that copying and pasting his typed words would save about five hours.

I reached out to a lot of people I look up to with the same invitation. Most don’t respond. Some say No thank you. And that’s totally okay.

Tim Ferriss said, “It’s not about the people who don’t. It’s about those that do, and what you can do for them.”

I’m honored and humbled to have a chapter in DO THE THING! that starts with “Derek Sivers” in bold.

A lesson I’m learning is that we don’t get what we want if we don’t ask for it.


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