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A day of chores

Today I’m taking the day off to help my mom with chores and projects around her house.

For whatever reason, this has always been something of high Resistance for me. I’m not handy at all, so stuff like that probably makes me insecure. Working with her tends to make me feel like I’m in high school again. Plus there’s likely a number of other deep and unconscious mental blocks which make helping her out difficult.

Again, I have no idea why and I wish it wasn’t the case.

My attempt to combat this is to shift my mindset through practice.

I’m approaching today as someone who is thrilled to help out his mom who has done so much for him. It’s the least I could do. It’s a no-brainer to take a day off to make her life easier.

For the people we care about, this kind of stuff is well worth the investment. I don’t want to be 40 years old and have my 70-year old mother resent me for never being there for her.

No. I want her to look back and feel lucky to have me as a son…just like I feel lucky to have her as a mom.

That’s a tall order, but it starts today.

What could you do or say today that would strengthen one of your relationships?

Do it. See what happens.


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