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A New Way to Look at Discipline

I did a podcast with my best buddy Scott Clampet this week. We discussed his passion for creating music and his process for doing it in a disciplined and productive manner.

The big takeaway for me was how he looks at discipline. We often think of discipline as stuff we have to do everyday because it’s good for us. His take goes a little deeper, and to him, is not nearly as arduous.

By clearly defining his values and why he wants to do the things he wants to do, Scott’s routine isn’t full of tasks he’s forcing himself to do; it’s full of tasks he’s glad he gets to do because he knows they’ll make him a happier person.

Scott sits down each and every day to develop—in some way, shape, or form— his ability to create music. He doesn’t do this because he has to everyday to “strengthen the habit” or because “it’s good for him to be so disciplined.” He does it because he knows that if he were to stop, he would begin to become less happy.

Write down your values, then write down why you want those values to be a part of your life. This will make discipline ten times easier, because then you’re not pushing through pain; you’re fighting to do the things which make you a happier, more fulfilled person.


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