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I’ve said this and will continue to say this in as many ways as humanly possible:

You have to take action.

The worst feeling in the world, the thing that aches the soul, the thing we carry with us if our time is not commandeered…is regret. But our worst regrets are rarely the things we do (mistakes or bad decisions we’ve made, jobs we take, places we go). Our deepest and most harrowing regrets are all the things we didn’t do.

Inaction leads to the vast majority of our unhappiness and dissatisfaction with life. Three years ago, you may have thought about picking up the saxophone. But then you contemplated the how difficult and time-consuming it would be. Would people judge you for pursuing the skill? Would you even get good, or would you just be blowing awful squeaks and squaws into your walls?…Well guess what…If you just started that miserable process and got going, you’d be pretty damn good at the saxophone right now. Hell, you’ve been playing and practicing for three years!

Acting and theatre combine to create one of my loveliest passions which has totally altered the way I see art (films, shows, music, fine art, etc.). When I auditioned for my first play in college, I was so god damn nervous that I convinced myself about 50 times on the twenty-minute walk to the theatre that I had no business auditioning. “You don’t belong you’ve never done this before they don’t need you or want you you will probably mess up your lines you’re no Matthew Mcconaughey they’ll probably have you hold the prop or you’ll be Tree 2 go the fuck home.” These were my thoughts.

Cut-to: I got a small part in the play. This was my foot in the door to meet the theatre gang, build friendships, and develop my skill as an actor. I later went on to land some bigger roles and work with incredibly talented people. I woke up each and every day grateful and inspired to be able to act and live in that world. None of that would have been possible if I listened to myself and did nothing. I can’t even imagine what it would be like if that was never a part of my life. But I can only imagine the throbbing feeling in my soul if I had never auditioned. That’s regret.

If you’re thinking about pursuing something: No matter your age, regardless of what others may think of you (people make fun of the person who just started playing the cello and sucks, but people love it when a person plays the cello well after practicing for three years), if you’re afraid of failure….understand that not doing the thing you want to do is infinitely worse than any possible short-term discomfort you muster up in your mind.

Do. Take action. Now.

Let me know if there’s a goal/dream/skill you’ve been thinking about pursuing but have been putting off!


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