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Always Go

Last night, every inch of my being was telling me not to go to Muay Thai (kickboxing). I was physically and mentally exhausted. I hadn’t been in almost two weeks. My knee was aching. Our gym moved and is now slightly further away. Blah blah blah.

Despite the wishes of the devil on my shoulder, I went, and it was amazing. We had a dynamic and thrilling class (which we usually do), everyone was in a great mood (excited about moving to a bigger and better gym), and the class size was smaller (more intimate time with your training partner and coaches).

Whether it’s working out, going to class (school, training, lessons), meditating, doing something with/for a friend or loved one, playing with your younger sibling, whatever

Percentage of time I’ve regretted going: 0%

Percentage of time I’ve regretted not going: 100%

Always go. You’ll get something out of it. And you won’t spend any time wondering what it would’ve been like.


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