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An Unbalanced Life

Every day, why aren’t you:

• spending a ton of quality time with the friends and family you care about?

• putting in countless hours to master the skills you need for a successful personal life?

• devoting specific hours each day to your fitness and health habits?

• making a constant effort to learn new things and make new connections?

• traveling whenever you get the chance?

It’s simple…because it’s fucking impossible.

Everything is an opportunity cost. Giving time and energy to one thing means taking time and energy away from another. There’s no way around it. A ‘balanced life’ doesn’t exist.

But that’s okay. Once you realize that you can’t please 100% of people 100% of the time, a weight is sort of lifted.

My mindset: When I’m working, I’m fucking working. When I’m playing, I’m fucking playing.

Whatever I’m doing for those given hours, it has my full, present, mindful attention. Nothing else exists. It’s hell yes, or hell no.


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