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Are We Immortal?

The only thing promised to you when you are born is that you will die some day.

We might be able to say this out loud, but we’re mostly paying lip service to the fact that for every single one of us, there will come a day where everything stops…forever. That’s a tough pill to swallow.

There will be a time where you and every person you have every known or loved will be gone. Morbid? Depressing? Perhaps. But there’s literally nothing we can do about it.

What we can do however, is truly and whole-heartedly love the brief time we are here.

We say we know that we’ll die one day; but by actually understanding this fact…we would cut out a ton of bullshit from our lives.

Your mom, dad, son, best friend, mentor, lover…There will be a time where you talk with them for the last time. Most of us act as though we will have all of this forever; and are shocked when things are taken away from us.

I’m not advocating we not mourn or feel sadness. I’m saying that it only makes sense to counterbalance that with intense feelings of gratitude and love for the things we have in the time we have them.


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