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Matt D’Avella, one of my favorite YouTubers, made a video recently on the awesome productivity power of checklists.

This comically simple system can make us 50 times more productive.

While I have a strong morning routine, lately I’ve been skipping some things depending on what time I leave for work. And while I set an evening wind-down ritual for myself—if I’ve used all my willower by the end of the day—I find myself watching YouTube videos instead of meditating and reading before bed.

With the life-changing power of checklists (*salesman voice*), I’m put straight to work and don’t give myself time for any distractions.

EVERY Morning: • Water + vitamins • Journal/plan • Read at least 20 pages • Daily blog • Stretch/body weight exercises • Meditate

I must do all these things regardless of how much time I have to complete them.

EVERY night: • Journal/reflect (what I did well that day vs. what I could’ve improved) • Meditate • Read 20 pages

Life is often so tumultuous. We’re expected to juggle an infinite number of responsibilities, perform well, be patient, love everybody…These are all great but when we get off track they can feel impossible. Add some simple structure to your days and realize that most of the craziness that’s going on is only happening in your mind.


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