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College Dropout Who Sucks With Computers

Man, this sounds so cliche; but you really can learn how to do anything.

I’ve stated countless times in my life: I struggle with retaining information; I’m not a tech guy; I’m not business savvy. This is all following the fixed mindset.

The only reason these claims were true was because they paralyzed me with fear so I didn’t even try to debunk them. It’s like saying, “I suck at drawing,” but never trying to practice it. Yeah, of course you suck at drawing. You don’t draw!

In the past two weeks, I have started my own business, taught myself basic coding languages, built two new websites, and learned a new video-editing software.

This is not a brag. The point is: there’s nothing special about me. I don’t have some innate talent or skill. The fixed mindset says that some people can and some people can’t. That’s bullshit.

All of these things came to me simply from intentionally placing my time and energy into them. Anyone can do it; even a college dropout who sucks with computers.


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