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Compare Yourself

One of the most insidious and ubiquitous habits we concede to is comparing ourselves to others—physically, financially, in sport, in relationships, creatively… Plain and simple.

What’s worse, is when we compare our beginning to someone else’s middle. A month ago, I began my journey in Brazilian JiuJitsu. I went up against several other white belts who were destroying me each and every time…No shit! They’re months ahead of me.

The options were: A) Stop going to class out of shame or fear, or B) improve my skills so eventually I’d be able to hold my own on the mat.

You want to sing but your voice sucks. And you know all these people who can harmonize naturally. Forget them. If you want to be a great singer, they’re not impeding your training. You are.

There’s only one person on this planet you should be comparing yourself to: who you were yesterday.

I don’t care if I’m better than any other white belt. But I damn sure better be better than I was a month ago.


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