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Creatures of Habit

Every single thing we do is based on habits.

You can read and internalize these words because at some point, you developed the habit of looking at these 26 symbols and progressively comprehended them.

When your friend calls calls you, you don’t think “Whoa. My phone is making noise. My friend’s name is appearing on my phone. There’s a green and a red button. I will touch the green button to answer this call from my friend…” No. You just answer the damn phone without processing information. That’s because you’ve done it so many times that you’ve now developed a habit.

Have you ever rearranged the apps on your phone? You probably noticed that for the first few days, you naturally touch the areas where your most used apps used to be.

Obviously, receiving a call and reorganizing your phone are a lot easier than developing strong fitness and productivity habits; but our incredible brains provide us with an incomparable opportunity. If we put enough time and effort into something, eventually our brains will start thinking about it less and less. Once the habit is formed, it is no longer something you have to process. It’s just something you do…like being able to read these sentences.


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