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Day 1: Before and After

With a ton of projects to focus on, as well as posting for my daily vlog, I thought automating these blog posts would spare up some bandwidth.

Thus begins a suggested 30-day writing challenge…

1/30 – Provide a before and after of your life:

The most life-changing shift in my mentality has been over these past few years of getting my shit together. The key to compiling said shit was focusing solely on what I can control as opposed to what I can’t in any given situation.

Whether it be being stuck in traffic, spilling my coffee, someone else saying something hateful, getting injured, clients ghosting me, plans not working out….

If there’s there’s literally nothing I can do about it in the present, I don’t worry about it; I simply take responsibility and accountability. Responsibility if it’s my fault, and accountability by declaring it won’t happen again if I can help it.

When you make this change, you realize how often people drone on and on about things they can do nothing about. It’s exhausting, and futile. A few weeks ago, a friend complained for about 45 minutes about how his friend had annoyed him. The first 5 minutes were funny. The next 40 were just a waste of time.

I asked him if he could have a conversation with his buddy. He shrugged, “yeah…” and then continued to harp on about him.

It’s fun to complain, but there’s comes a point where one must realize that they’re just making things worse for themselves and those around them.

Before: Cranky, on edge, negative, draining, buzzkill

After: Positive, resilient, productive, energetic, uplifting


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