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Day 11: Halo in the Snow

11/30 – Describe your perfect childhood day:

Mine is simple and easy to remember. It was March 2nd, 2008; my 14th birthday.

I remember it clearly because it was the only snow day we had that year. I knew exactly how I wanted to spend it: walking to my best buddy’s house, sitting on his couch, and playing Halo 3.

We partied it up the only way 8th graders know how: drinking Mountain Dew, eating kettle-corn popcorn, and laughing and cursing quietly so his mom wouldn’t hear us.

I love getting older and experiencing all the benefits which come with age, but it’s always lovely to reminisce over simpler times. Back then, there were no real stressors. No real responsibilities. The only problems we faced were hoping that people liked us and figuring out whose house to play at.

Good times…

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