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Day 2: The Next Chapter

2/30 – Write the next chapter of your life:

It always sound so cheesy, but I love the book analogy when it comes to life. There are chapters, plots twists, character developments, and eventually, a final page.

I think the goal should be to make it a book worth reading; one you don’t want to put down.

Here’s the next chapter of my life if I could write it (and I can):

• Dillan stuck to his schedule and system as best he could to focus on all of the Essentials: friends/family, the daily vlog, his business, coaching, and his fitness.

• He lived his life 90% responsibly (reading every day, sticking to his habits, improving and working always, building his skills), and 10% irresponsibly (drinking, breaking diet, staying up late, going down YouTube rabbit holes). This seems to be his happy balance.

• As he became a better filmmaker, storyteller, and entrepreneur, he saved up money for his move to Buenos Aires, Argentina. The goal was to move there with some clothes and his recording equipment to live for a year or two–before he turned 30.

• Before that, he made films, developed his business, and took on any other projects which excited him. (If COVID-19 gives way, hopefully the next chapter will include plenty of comedy shows and other domestic excursions with close friends…)

On to the next chapter.

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