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Day 28: Afraid

28/30 – What are you afraid of most?

Heights. Being high up, and seeing nothing between the ground and me literally makes my body stop functioning properly. My chest tightens up. The thought of falling and breaking limbs (and not dying; just laying there in agony) makes my skin crawl.

Being a bad father/husband. I know I’m a good person; but sometimes I struggle with genuinely putting others before myself. I’m constantly trying to work on this to remove it from my lexicon. My biggest fear is that I have a family one day and I’m too selfish to truly dedicate myself to them.

Animals that can maul me. Bears, tigers, etc. Not only is this incredibly strong beast beating the shit out of you; it’s eating you alive. No thanks.

I am not enough. This is the most common fear that we have. I’m not bright enough, creative enough, ambitious enough…I know it’s all rubbish. Yet it is forever in the back of my mind. The remedy to this? Taking action on the things that matter most. When you’re actually doing things, you prove yourself wrong. You improve your skills, which improve your quality, which improve your levels of fulfillment and meaning.

As corny as it can sound, we could all gain a lot by just saying out loud each day, “I am enough.”

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