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Day 3: You Know More Than You Think You Do

3/30 – Share something you have recently learned:

About two months ago, I began giving life coaching sessions. There are an endless number of nuances and intricacies into what makes for a great coach; but at its heart, an extraordinary coach is one who coaches the person instead of the problem.

This is something I still struggle with, and it is applicable to our every day lives. No matter how logical, intelligent, or ‘correct’ you are…if an idea doesn’t come from someone else, that person most likely won’t do anything about it.

Making incredible choices and living a disciplined and prosperous life aren’t simply about knowing how to make them happen. We all know what to do…

Eat mostly well, exercise regularly, be kind to others, pursue things which interest you, spend less money than you make, put yourself out there, be grateful for what you have, focus on what you can control….

I can lay out perfect advice in a perfectly articulate way for someone, but if they don’t truly feel it…if the idea doesn’t come from within them, nothing will happen. That’s why so many people say out loud what they should be doing, yet at the same time are taking no action to actually do it.

What I’ve learned recently: Don’t get attached to solving someone’s problems for them. Only they can do so. Coach the person; not the problem.


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