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Day 7: Your Creativity

7/30 – When do your creative ideas come and how do you collect them?

Any creative idea either comes from the ether; or I have molded it from something else: something I’ve read, heard, or seen…

I have a tiny notepad to jot down my ideas for the daily vlog. Creating a movie a day requires something fresh every 24 hours, and I usually have fresh motivation only once every week. This means I need a process of coming up with new, interesting stuff. I can’t keep repeating myself or keep doing the same things over and over.

Any other idea for a video, newsletter, business excursion, quotes, etc…I type these out in the Notes app on my phone. It’s beautifully organized and its voice dictation does a flawless job.

In the end, I try to focus on the verb, creating; instead of the noun, creator. Calling myself a creator seems egotistical. If I’m truly a creator, people will know by the stuff I’ve created.


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