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Dealing With Mean People

Sometimes, we struggle to do the things we know we should do because it feels unfair.

It’s difficult, sometimes seemingly impossible to be kind to those who are nasty. Why should I sacrifice my respect and kind-heartedness to this evil bitch, when they are so clearly unwilling to give anything to me at this moment? That, by definition, is unfair.

I would certainly never advocate for letting mean people walk all over you.

”Know one should ever resort to violence, but everyone should know how to fight.” – Joe Rogan

However, there exist several benefits to not stooping down the the level of those who are acting passive aggressive, hurtful, or down right disgusting.

• You build mental toughness by not letting this asshole get to you or by losing control of your emotions. Don’t give them that power.

• You show the world it’s crystal clear, that they are the asshole.

• You walk away from the situation not hating the person, but feeling pity for them since they’ll probably spend most of their life dissatisfied and lonely.

Be kind to everyone and don’t let the worst of humanity get to you. Be bulletproof. Not only do you probably not know their full story, but if you’re a respectful individual living by your defined values and principles, there’s nothing some bully could say to meaningfully affect your life.


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