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Do Bad Work

In soccer, there’s this phenomenon I’ve labeled the Long Shot. It’s when a player attempts a ridiculous shot from far away or from an insane angle.

When they miss 95% of the time, you go “Why the hell would they even try that?” When they make it though, you go “Wow. That guy’s a genius.”

It’s either absolute respect or absolute resentment. And it’s the same thing for creatives.

It’s easy to judge the kid who raps on SoundCloud, but once he starts selling out shows, we start eating those judgements.

Bad work is bad. Mediocrity is well, mediocre. But this painful process is a necessity for bigger and better things to come. Do bad work. Then do mediocre work. Then do good work. All the way until people start coming to you.

The only difference between a successful artist and her friend who always dreamed about being a successful artist is this: one took consistent action while the other did not.


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