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Don’t Chase

By no means am I a financial or business guru. My brain has never allowed me to be a numbers guy naturally.

But I can attest to the best financial/business advice I’ve ever been given:

Don’t chase money. Chase ways to help others.

If you are consistently finding solutions to people’s problems and ways to bring value to others, the money will inevitably come.

Last week, I got my first paying client as a life coach. This didn’t happen because I finally found the perfect way to market myself or because I chose the best pictures to put on my coaching page.

I just started giving free sessions to my client and after about three weeks, he came to me and offered to pay for sessions because they brought him a ton of value.

Whether it’s your business, your writing, or your art, people need evidence that what you have is worth their time, money, and attention.

Give them great evidence, and the money will come.


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