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Double Your Reading Speed in 12 Minutes

Not shitting you. This works. It will take practice, which loses a lot of people. But who wouldn’t want to double their reading speed (without losing comprehension)??

Read comfortably(using your finger or a visual pacer) for 4 minutes. Set a timer and read as you normally would. When the timer goes off, mark where you stopped with a pencil.

Now, set your alarm for 3 minutes. (Again using a visual pacer) Try to reach where you stopped at step 1 before the 3 minutes are up

Set your alarm for 2 minutes. This time, don’t worry about comprehension Try to get to that same point in 2 minutes. Go line by line and have your eyes follow your visual pacer as fast as possible.

Set your timer for 1 minute. Same thing. Don’t skip and lines and don’t worry about comprehension at all. Just follow the pacer with your eyes line by line as fast as you can to get to the same ending point.

Chill. Set your timer for 2 minutes again. Start from where you made the pencil mark. Read comfortably with your visual pacer for 2 minutes with comprehension. Count the number of lines you read, multiply that by the amount of words per line (add up the words from three lines then divide by three to average them out), then divide that number by two. This is your new reading rate per minute.

I got this from Jim Kwik’s book Limitless. It increased my reading speed by 52%.


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