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Finding the Opportunity

Since beginning a new full-time job at the start of the year, it has taken the front seat of the majority of my time and energy. I don’t see it as a new burden which has taken me away from my passions. Instead, I perceive it as a challenge in which I must adapt to severe change.

Keeping up with short, daily blog posts has been easy enough. However, I’ve stepped away from my weekly newsletter, created zero YouTube videos in four months, and haven’t recorded a new podcast in over a month. That’s on me.

For better or worse, my stuff isn’t huge enough for any significant number of listeners to complain. But everything on this website embodies the clearest picture of what matters to me.

So, it’s time to come back to home base; i.e. it’s time to get my shit together, practice what I preach, and develop routines and schedules which allow me to pursue my passions.

As always, let’s begin with my favorite list—What I can control vs. What I can’t

Can’t control:

• Everything being closed/cancelled (gym, events, work) • The fact that I’ve slipped up in the past • Other peoples’ time-availability and interests

Can control:

• How I take advantage of the opportunity of more down-time (spending more time with my mother, getting more work done, reading more, saving money by not going out) • Creating the best possible work I can right now (In the beginning, it makes more sense to be consistent and improve rather than obsess over people liking your stuff)

Matt D’Avella (my favorite YouTuber) made a great video on batching—a productivity technique where you have a certain time on a certain day where you complete certain tasks. Using this as well as creating checklists for myself, I’ll get the train moving again.

It’s easy to let things slip away when you have an excuse of something else necessary and seemingly gigantic.

”How can I film a video each week when I have to hit my numbers for work?”

”How can I write this essay when I have to reorganize my entire closet??”

You can always do both. Just sit down, breathe, and plan it out.

Final note: This is naturally a strange time. I’m aware that finding the opportunity during the spreading of this virus and the closing of businesses sounds like a privilege many people do not have. I have many friends working in the service/entertainment industry who will be massively affected by the closing of restaurants, theaters, and other organizations. If this applies to you then I wish you nothing but the best. Much love.


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