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Fixing Your Relationships

Are you in a toxic relationship? Let me clarify.

We often think we do a bunch of different things. But we can see it as being in a bunch of different relationships.

You have a relationship with work.

You have a relationship with health.

You have a relationship with clothes, food, friends, reading, sleep…you name it.

The question is: How healthy (or toxic) are your relationships?

A year ago, my relationship with work was that of stress, exhaustion, and lack of fulfillment. Once I quit and started running my own businesses, it became one of immense joy, excitement, and meaning.

Three years ago, my relationship with the gym was that of insecurity, discomfort, and reluctance. Once I pushed through enough Resistance and got fit, it became one of love, energy, and even necessity.

When I attempted suicide three summers ago, my relationship with figuring life out was that of avoidance, confusion, and darkness. Once I began taking intentional steps toward something better, it became one of gratitude, resilience, and total fulfillment.


It is crucial to understand the strength (or lack thereof) of your relationships with the things you do.

It is even more crucial to understand that if you aren’t happy with a certain relationship, you can change it.


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