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‘Getting Things Done’ Review

(From GoodReads)

I think I need to stop saying that books have changed my life so frequently. My friends seem to be more hesitant when I recommend they read what I just read. But Getting Things Done has changed my life like no other, simply because I have actually been implementing the system since I picked up the book.

By doing so, I have had nothing but a crystal clear understanding of all the things I need and want to get done, which eliminates 95% of the stress.

The most impactful concept is this: We have anywhere from 30-150 inputs at any given time. To-dos, tasks, obligations, things to learn, calls, meetings, events. The human memory is terrible. Yet we shame ourselves for not being able to perfectly organize and structure all 150 of these inputs in our heads.

We have to Capture everything. Everyyythingg. By simply writing down each and every thing I have coming up (from “Donate box of books to bookstore,” to “Choose new primary color for website homepage…” The simple art of defining each Project into clear, actionable steps has lifted all the weight off my shoulders.

At the heart of the GTD process, you must create a system which you accurately and constantly Capture all your inputs, and then you regularly review that system (weekly).

This all might sound super robotic, especially for the go-with-the-flow types. David makes it very clear though:

GTD is not about getting more things done necessarily. It’s about having a harmonious, stress-free relationship with the things you want to accomplish.”


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