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Gods and Ants

Humans are living, breathing contradictions. We are miracles, yet totally insignificant at the same time.

It was a miracle that you were born. The possibility that your parents met each other out of billions of people is astronomically low. The chance of them getting along and then having sex is even lower. And the odds of their combined biology working together to create your genetics, personality, sense of humor, face…is one in trillions. The fact that you’re conscious…It’s like something to be you as opposed to being your neighbor Bill. This should blow your mind.

This has happened for tens of thousands of years. If you continue to trace back your ancestral timeline, you’ll meet those you’ve descended from whom don’t speak English, thought the Earth was flat, had no idea what a germ was, who worshiped the Sun god, on and on until you meet your ancestor who’s walking on all fours and would rather hunt you than hug you.

This is all without mentioning the incomparable odds of our planet being the perfect distance from a star to build and sustain life. How much closer or how much further away from the Sun would make Earth uninhabitable?

Having said all that: You’re totally insignificant. There’s billions of us. From an alien’s perspective, we are just a bunch of ants crawling around Earth…making it our own, protecting our little colonies, eating food and sucking down water (or Mich Ultra) to survive.

We’re just tall, skinny chimpanzees who’re walking around on this giant, floating boulder…which is rotating around with several other giant boulders in the middle of space. We’re here for a spec of time on the scale of the universe. And there are billions upon billions upon shit-tons of planets, solar systems, galaxies, and galaxy clusters out there.

No matter how you failed yesterday, the Earth’s rotation around the Sun hasn’t hesitated in the slightest. The Sun will come up. The neighbors two towns away will continue their lives never hinting at what you’re doing. And if we blew up our solar system, there would be no evidence that our species ever existed.

Understand and appreciate the fact that you are a God. Be humble in your awareness that you are an ant.


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