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Hiding My Trashy Self

I care what you think about me. Let me explain.

We’ve all heard something along the lines of, “Don’t give a shit what others think about you.”

I understand the merit of that statement, but I’d like to push back a little.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to present yourself in a positive light. If every single one of us were 100% authentic, 100% of the time, the world would be full of assholes.

Pretending to be someone else and being your best self are two different things.

Right now, I’m wearing sea-foam green sweatpants, a woman’s tank top, and $5 Walmart moccasins. When I go to a nice dinner this weekend, I’ll be wearing dress pants, a button down shirt, and a tie.

Will wearing nicer clothes mean I’m pretending to be someone else? Am I hiding the trash monster that I really am?


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