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How to become a billionaire in 2 minutes.

Here are all the things I’m proud of:

My relationships.

By continuously pursuing quality time with my friends and family, and increasing the value I could possibly bring them…I have cultivated a tribe of brothers, sisters, and confidantes.

My work.

Between quitting my job this year to start my own business, writing this daily blog, and launching my coaching business…I’m lucky enough to say that all the work I do leaves me excited and fulfilled.

My fitness.

I didn’t start exercising regularly until about 2 years ago. Between that and training in martial arts, I’ve been incredibly active on a regular basis. Nothing crazy; I just have to work out at least 3 times each week. Keeping this up has made me super happy with how I look and how I feel.

So what?

Did I write this blog just for the humble brags? (Yes)


The point is: You don’t have to do anything otherworldly to live a healthy and fulfilling life. You don’t need an EPIC morning routine. You don’t need the 18 THINGS BILLIONAIRES EAT EACH MORNING.

That stuff’s great, but…

All you really need are pretty good habits that you do consistently.


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