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How to become better than me at writing

Dillan Taylor sitting at his desk and getting ready to write

The face I make before I start typing.

I’m not a phenomenal writer.

But I’m 20 times better than when I first started this blog. That was almost three years ago.

I’ve read a few books on copywriting—how to keep my words concise and easy to digest. I can give people simple suggestions to improve their writing…

  1. Write short sentences.

  2. Don’t use $100 words when $1 words can get the point across.

  3. Read this piece and watch this video. They both take 60 seconds.

But I’m not even close to an expert. And that’s the point.

We don’t need to have more information (or even more skill) than others. Most of the time, the people who are “successful” are just the ones willing to put themselves out there.

Did I just call myself successful? Well, I certainly feel like I’ve had success. But I felt that way when just three people were reading my stuff.

I’ve had blogs with over a thousand unique readers. Some of those posts include my thoughts on death, my trip to Canada, and my move to NYC. I’ve had people I don’t know email me talking about their favorite pieces.

I don’t say this to brag. I say this because I never set out to be a “great writer.” I just wrote one of these almost every day for three years. It took a year and a half for people to really start giving a shit.

We can get really good at things if we have two things…

Consistency and the willingness to be messy.

I can’t even read my earlier writing. Most of it makes me cringe. But if I worried too much about that early on, I wouldn’t have written anything and I wouldn’t have improved.

It’s not sexy advice. But to get good at anything, we just have to do it a lot and be okay with doing it poorly.

We don’t need to read “one more” book. We don’t need another course. We just need more practice.

Keep that up…and maybe you’ll build yourself a mediocre blog like me.


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