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How to Get in Shape

People want events, not process.

Events are sexy, process is not. Process is boring.

I can teach you how to get in great shape right now: Exercise three to five times per week. Eat fairly well. Limit sugar and simple carbs. Do that for a year. There you go.

People like results; but what lead to those results? Consistent, boring work.

What we see:

Watching Kobe put up 60 points in a game. Bill Burr’s latest stand-up special. Getting submitted by the super-skilled purple belt at your gym. Titus Andronicus on Broadway…

What we don’t see:

Kobe practicing his left-handed dribble and layups for two hours each day. Bill Burr writing, trying out new material at the clubs, and editing it for a year to perfect the timing and delivery. The years where that purple belt was a blue and white belt; getting tapped by anyone and everyone. The month(s) of rehearsal by the actors, director, costume designers, stage managers; where no one knew their lines or what the show would look like…

You can’t sell process. There are no entrepreneur Instagram memes telling you “Repeat a mundane but helpful task for 66 days straight until it becomes a habit…”

It sucks. It’s boring. But behind any worthwhile event…is an impeccable process.


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