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How to love rejection

One simple lesson from Jia Jiang’s book Rejection Proof has completely changed the way I see:

• sales • talking to women • doing scary things

That lesson is:

When you get rejected, it says nothing about you and everything about the person doing the rejecting.

It doesn’t mean you suck; it just means it’s not the right fit right now.

When I get “rejected” by a female or a prospective client, I think, Good. Now I know they’re not the right person right now.

Why would I want to go on a date with someone who doesn’t want to, but says yes anyway to save my feelings. Why would I work with someone who is only hiring me because they can’t say no?

Rejections and No’s weed out all the folks who don’t have the right chemistry or compatibility for your current goals. They also get you closer to the folks who are the right fit for whatever you’re looking for.

No’s also make you stronger, if you let them. They can harden your skin and sharpen your vision for people and things which align with your values.

They can also help you make adjustments and improvements. Testing and analyzing helps you go, Hmm. People seem to respond better when I do X instead of Y.

In my first full-time sales job, a day of rejection would often leave me feeling drained and defeated. This shit’s hard.

But if we can see each rejection as an opportunity to get closer to the people who are the right fit for us…it can make us unstoppable.


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