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I’m in Love

For about 8 years, I have been adamantly opposed to eReaders, Kindles, or eBooks of any kind. The feel of a real book in my hands and the look of a shelf full of books were qualities I was convinced I would never want to sacrifice.

Yesterday, my first ever Kindle came in the mail. Holy shit…see title.

I’ll always appreciate the aesthetics of a full and vibrant bookshelf, but here are the immediate benefits I experienced:

It’s compact and lightweight so it’s effortless to hold and read in every possible laying and standing position.

• Its front light allows me to read in the dark; which I absolutely love just before bed. No more trying to find the right lighting for the page without being burdened by the same light.

• I connected my Kindle to my library and GoodReads. This allows me to borrow (for 21 days) a plethora of eBooks and audiobooks for totally free. You just place a hold on whichever book you’re interested in if it’s not available quite yet. It is all instantaneous. GoodReads also saves the highlights you make in each book you read.

• Which reminds me, you can fucking highlight and make notes! I cover my books in pen: ideas, notes, reminders, suggestions, diary-like entries at the end of chapters…With a Kindle, you can do all of this without marking up a book, decreasing its value, and making it slightly less-enjoyable for the next reader.

I have a lot to say about technology and the evil it presents us; but I have just as much to say about the beauty it provides our modern lives.

I was lost but now I am found. Thank you, Kindle.


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