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I’m Stupid and Lazy

There’s a misconception about disciplined and driven individuals. While I’ve worked hard to create strong systems and habits in my personal and professional life, I’ve heard people perceive it incorrectly.

People have said to me things like:

“I wish I were that disciplined.”

“I wish I were as motivated as you.”

This is nonsense; and I say that to be uplifting, not to be mean.

The only reason I have developed good habits is because I’m a lazy and confused person.

I don’t exercise five times a week or wake up at 6 am because I’m some disciplined God. I molded these habits into my life to counteract my lazy and unproductive tendencies.

In the past month, I slowly reverted back to my addiction of “taking a break” from work, laying in bed, and hypnotizing myself face-in-phone. What I thought would be 10 minutes would inevitably lead to 2 hours. So, I had to create (write down) clear rules to ensure this did not happen. Again: creating discipline to counteract normal human lack of discipline.

You don’t need to be a disciplined person to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. You just need enough discipline to create a good habit, then ride on its back and let it do all the work for you.


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