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I sold my soul to the Devil

My readers know my stance on using social media.

But as I dive deeper into the freelance, tech, and digital worlds, people have been asking for my Twitter handle for months.

About ten people have recommended I get one. Here are the reasons:

• Almost everyone in my “industry” prefers Twitter. • It’s a fast and easy way to tell stories and give/receive advice. • You can land a ton of jobs. • It’s an effective way to reach and connect with a lot of people—something I value quite a lot.

So, I did it.

I set up TweetDeck so I don’t have to scroll mindlessly through the app.

I’ll be posting blogs and threads about how I’m running and growing a coaching and content writing business.

If you’re interested to know what I’m up to on those fronts—and I never thought I would say this again…

Follow me @DillanRoy. 😎


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