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Initial thoughts

My coaching friend ran a workshop yesterday and had us do a lovely exercise.

We ran through the different aspects of the root chakra: physical, home, and financial health.

In each category, we broke them down into subcategories and had to write our immediate emotional thoughts. Here were mine.


• Sleep: sacrificed, suboptimal • Water: great, peeing a lot • Diet: mostly good, unorganized • Exercise: consistent, necessary • Stretching: infrequent, in the doghouse • Hygiene: clean, fresh


• Vibe: minimal, intentional • Relaxation: bed, office • Safety: solid, dogs


• Income: vital, growing • Savings: not enough, a little each month • Debt: mountain, heavy • Toxic money: none really • Income goal: $100K+, relief, safety, freedom

The coolest part about this exercise is how many of my responses surprised me. Try it and see what thoughts pop up.

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