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It’s Always Snowy in Philadelphia

Last night, I made a game-time decision to drive up to Philly to beat the snow and visit my friends for the weekend.

Three short lessons and I’ll have you back to the rest of your day:

1. Before you pack up the car, write a list of every item you want to bring on paper or in your Notes on your phone.

As you put items in the car, cross them out or delete them. This may feel tedious at the time, but it’s the only way to ensure you remember 100% of what you want to take (leaving or returning).

The same thing is true when you go grocery shopping. When I shop without a list, I always come back with more donuts than anticipated.

I made a list for this last-minute trip, but it was too vague. I wrote ‘Work Stuff,’ so I brought my laptop and notebooks. But I forgot my mouse and keyboard.

I’ll be fine without them, but taking six seconds to write those things down would’ve saved me the inconvenience.

2. Visit your damn friends.

There are only so many opportunities to spend memorable, quality time with the people you care about. Take advantage of them.

Take the long weekend. Buy the plane ticket. Pack the car.

It’s always worth it.

3. Have conversations with your friends with no phones in the room.

And old friend told me years ago, “When you’re with someone and they have their phone out in front of them face up, it’s basically a big fuck you.”

Some of you might get defensive when you hear this, but it’s true. It tells the person that they are not the priority. It says, I’ll give you my attention until I get a notification.

Look around the dinner table and see how many people have their phones out.

Unless you’re waiting to hear back about your brother in the hospital, put your fucking phone away when you’re spending quality time with friends. A few dives into your phone can completely upend a conversation.

Last night, the three of us sat and talked and caught up for three hours. Not one of us looked at our phones. It can sound corny, but this meant our only option was to look at each other and actively listen to everything that was being said.

99% of the time, you don’t need your phone.

Put it away. Keep it in your coat pocket. Hell, leave it in your car.

You’ll survive.



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