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It’s that time of the year

I wrote a blog yesterday about being financially transparent.

One friend commented: “When we talk about money more casually, we can share insights into career moves, upward mobility, investing, debt, etc!! It’s just so helpful to be transparent with others you want to succeed. 

To continue that train, I want to share what I’ve been doing the past two days: my taxes.

I’m having a blast. Here’s why.

Not listed: The $14m I spent on DoorDash.

This is my first time doing taxes as a business owner. So I hired an accountant. He gave me a to-do list.

Auditing and investigating my 2021 has been wildly insightful and fun. I texted that to my friend and he responded, “Only you would enjoy doing taxes…”

What I love is that it’s a story that’s told through my spending and earning. Going through my account statements and going, Oh yeah, I can’t believe I used to pay for that service!

The income chart makes me laugh. I can remember earning my first $500 in April and feeling like I made it. I remember not sleeping and shaking at my desk in June from anxiety. And I remember the euphoria and peace in September when I finally started making more than my monthly expenses.

I can’t believe how much I spent on bills, coaching, and food. We always know it’s a lot but it’s wild to see it all added up.

I’m pleased with my story. And I’m excited to see how 2022’s unfolds.


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