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Knowledge Isn’t Power

…Until you do something with it.

You may have heard the impressive (or patronizing) statistic that CEOs read an average of 52 books each year—a book a week. That’s great, really, but for our own mentality it may mar our perception of what it takes to be successful.

Naturally, you should listen to as many podcasts (like mine), read as many books, and consume as much useful content as you can…but be cautious in getting lost in your consumption.

Read three amazing books on a specific topic you’re interested in, then just dive in. There’s a plethora of valuable information out there, and you’ll get to it eventually; but you don’t need to read a sixth book about filmmaking…just start making some god damn films.

Fear of poor quality holds you back from diving into creating or pursuing whatever it is you have a taste for. One more podcast isn’t going to make you ready. Doing the thing, failing, making mistakes, and improving upon them is the only process in which you can improve.

Use resources to give you a decent starting point, then start before you’re ready.

Here’s a lovely short video of Gary V, articulating this perfectly.


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