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My Favorite Drug

Here are all the drugs I’ve ever done:

•Adderall •Alcohol •Caffeine •Cocaine •Ecstasy •LSD •MDMA •Nicotine •Nitrous Oxide •Oxycodone •Psilocybin •“Shroom” pills •THC •Vyvanse

My favorite?

Clean health.

I’ve had amazing and god-awful times doing each one of these. The one drug which has never failed me has been when I’ve been clean, well-rested, and fit.

You might be rolling your eyes right now. That’s okay.

Getting a full-night’s sleep. Exercising regularly. Eating well.

All of these combine to create a high that is sustainable–which leads to incredible results.

Clean health is a drug I feel safe prescribing anyone. Try it.


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