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My Feet Become the Sand

Why do we learn so much about ourselves when we spend quality time in nature? How does the stillness of the trees and running water answer so many questions we don’t even know we have?

I spent the weekend camping on a beautiful farm with a friend. After two nights by the fire and a day in the woods, we both admitted an extreme increase in levels of clarity–of our thoughts, of our fears, and of where we were in life.

One need not go camping in a tent to experience such mindfulness. Spending time next to trees, shrubbery, a garden, etc; you quickly realize that with no phone or outside distractions, you have no choice but to conquer the present moment.

The trees don’t care about your goals. The wind doesn’t care about your insecurities. All of your mistakes and anxieties…you are forced to realize that each and every one of them lives in your head. There is no escape. This can be terrifying to people, but it is unquestionably therapeutic, like a cleanse.

Spend more time in nature. Go for a walk. Be with your thoughts. As awful as they can be, looking for them will show you that they are merely ghosts.


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