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My religion

I am not religious at all, but here’s the closest thing I have to a faith-based belief:

Every single one of us has the ability to create the life we want, and the only thing in our way are the stories we tell ourselves.

These stories may sound like…

• “I’m just not x. • “I don’t know how to y.” • “I need to be more z.

But they’re all complete nonsense. Understandable nonsense…but nonsense all the same.

There are people without limbs in the Olympics, blind musicians, and impoverished and oppressed people who become financially free.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy and that doesn’t mean we should do nothing for those less fortunate. It’s a battle for all of us. Some will have to fight harder than others.

Me, for example…I grew up in a great neighborhood, had loving and supportive parents and friends, and have never feared for my life. I have both gone through hell, and at the same time, had it super easy.

This isn’t some “being broke is a mindset” blog. I advocate for compassion and understanding of all.

But I encourage anyone to fight for what they want, wherever their starting line is.


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