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My Social Dilemma

In the past 10 days, since watching The Social Dilemma, I have limited myself to only checking social media in the morning–right after completing my morning routine.

It’s been magical.

In just a short time, I can literally feel myself becoming happier. I am not comparing myself to others or contemplating what others are thinking about me (as much).

What’s crazy: during the day, I’ll still pick up my phone as if to check something. When I’m immediately reminded of my rule, I put it down. More than 5 times in a day, I’ll just pick my phone up and then just as quickly, plop it right back down where it was. An addict’s brain is trying to unlearn the addiction.

I’ve replaced these newfound hours with reading; something which raises my happiness levels immensely.

Honestly, they say the first few days of kicking an addiction (meaning a more minor one, like soda or sugar) are the hardest. But in my experience, those first few days for me were effortless. I had the motivation and inspiration from that life-changing documentary behind my sails.

It’s as these days go on which makes the stretching feel more burdensome than helpful. I think to myself after a long day’s work:

“You’ve been doing so well. You deserve a reward. Treat yo self.”

“Everything’s done for the day. Who are you hurting by checking social media?”

But I have to vigilantly remind myself that this is like the Devil trying to slowly weasel his way back into my life. These apps are meant to be addictive. They want you on them as much as possible. Once I give myself 10 minutes of Instagram dopamine today, it’ll be twice as easy to demand 20 minutes tomorrow. And so on…

I don’t know your struggles with your phone or social media, but if you’re alive in 2020, you are probably experiencing something of the sort.

If you feel like it’s distracting you or limiting your presentness, I’d recommend coming up with a rule. Something small to start. Remember, you’re trying to break an addiction. Starting out with crazy limitations (as helpful as they would be in practice) will surely leave you breaking said rules and feeling like a failed junkie.

Mine was simple: For 10 days, I will only check social media once a day, right after my morning routine. I can post things; but when I do, I post, then I’m out.

Others could be:

• Limit my screen time to only 2 hours a day • Use the Freedom app to set up specific hours where I can’t physically use internet • Delete social apps from my phone • Every time I want to use a social app, I have to turn my phone off and back on again

Whatever it is, I wish you luck. This is not easy.

I’m always here for help, if you’d like to talk, or if you have any suggestions.


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