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New Cat Food

At the beginning of the year, our cats’ food was discontinued.

I explained to them that it wasn’t personal–that it was just business. The ups and downs of the cat food market. They meowed and stared at me confusingly as I continued to pour their new, unfamiliar, unwanted pebbles of nip.

After two days of starving themselves, they reluctantly gave in. Betrayal was outmatched by hunger.

It didn’t take long for their complaints to stop. Aside from corporate not returning their emails, they simply adapted and grew fond of their new means of sustenance.

Yesterday, they ran out of food. We had to go to the grocery store to buy generic cat food because the usual bags we buy take a few days to arrive…Our cats are upper middle class.

When I poured them this temporary food, again, they gaping at me as if asking, “What the fuck are we supposed to do with this?”

The craziest part: this temporary food is the same brand that they were eating 8 months ago.

The next time you’re feeling a great deal of Resistance–when you say “I don’t think I can do this,” ask yourself:

Can I actually not do this, or is this just new cat food?


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