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Pull the Curtain

Earlier this year, I was lucky enough to see Kevin Hart give a talk in Philadelphia. The topics included, roughly, how to create the life you truly want for yourself, and how to discover what’s actually important. I think that second one is highly pertinent to what’s going on now.

How does one figure out what’s truly important to one’s being? Well, what if you stripped everything away and you observed what’s left?

Kevin (we’re on a first name basis) told us the story of when he was recovering from his car crash. He was in a hospital bed for weeks, unable to use the bathroom on his own, wondering if he’d ever walk again. He told us that during those days, he would look around his room and notice the same ten people filtering in and out. These were his closest confidants, his beloved family members.

There were no crowds of fans applauding and cheering his name. There was no line of flashy cars. No designer clothes. No exotic mansion. During that time, there was but one thing: the relationships he had with others.

This is a heightened scenario compared to what most of us are experiencing right now, but the two are analogous. Right now, you don’t have how cool people think you are, you don’t have whatever you can buy at a restaurant, you don’t have your gossip, or how many people you’ve slept with.

All you have while we’re all stuck in our homes are the connections you have made during your time on this earth. How much have you helped people? How much have you loved others? Do you make your friends laugh and feel important? Do you do things for your family without being asked?

This forced-isolation is pulling away the curtain and exposing exactly how strong our connections are. Take advantage and make them stronger.


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