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Q2 goals (2023)

Updated: Oct 15, 2023

Sitting on a couch at my coworking space as I write this blog.

This year I started experimenting with quarterly goals. The intention was to give myself that New Year motivation and novelty four times per year.

Here were my Q1 goals.

My immediate reaction: I didn’t hit all my goals but I’m so glad I started doing this. I definitely forced myself to do things I wouldn’t have done had I not put them on the list (e.g. check my T levels, get 40 Google Reviews, work on my best man speech).

But I don’t really enjoy setting goals. I prefer putting systems in place that allow me to come back each week and do my work in a fun and efficient way.

So no, I didn’t upload 20 podcast episodes or 45 YouTube videos. But I did hire a video editor, nearly double my subscriber count, and interview some of my favorite creators.

I didn’t ask out 25 women face-to-face. But I have been putting myself out there constantly here in Buenos Aires. Dates, new friends, content collaborations…

My #1 takeaway from Q1 is to expect less from myself moving forward. Focus on less so I can actually do more.

So here are my Q2 goals…

Podcast—The YouTuber’s Guide to the Galaxy:

  1. 2 YouTube clips (long form)/wk

  2. 2 YouTube shorts/wk

  3. new episode every Monday (audio & video)

  4. create free info product—The YouTuber’s Guidebook


  1. hire a designer and launch an entirely new website

  2. 2 blogs/wk

  3. finish rough draft of Do The Thing!

Personal growth:

  1. jiujitsu 2 times/wk

  2. gym 3 times/wk

  3. Spanish lessons or meetups every week

  4. ask out 5 women

Here’s to another three months!

What are your Q2 goals? I’d love to hear about them.


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